One thought on “POEMS!!!

  1. ©Written by Shani Bush

    The Sea

    The seas sparkle,

    Reflecting rays of light.

    The sun shines brightly,

    Under the morning’s gaze.

    Forest of Wonder

    Morning sun through the trees,

    Trees glisten in the glow.

    As the grass waves in the wind,

    The morning’s dew lays across the land;

    In the quiet morning’s afterglow.

    Turquoise Glass

    The shine of blue,

    The shine of turquoise;

    Like waters encased in glass,

    Shimmering incandescent and pure;

    Shimmering in the a ray of light.

    Winter’s Breath

    Evergreens hidden under morning’s fog,

    mountains peak heavy with snow.

    Cold morning’s air cascades

    along the ground’s snowy floor.

    Ice Cycle

    Cascading ice lays upon the side,

    Like a Christmas tree in winter.

    The cliff cold and bare.

    The air cold and frail,

    Like an ice cycle floating in the air.

    Fiery Desert

    Orange color deep as fire.

    The afternoon’s glow burns the land,

    dry and desolate.

    The desert’s fire glows on til evening.

    Field of Poppies

    Dancing in the morning’s wind,

    White and yellow say back and forth;

    The smell of springtime in the air,

    As afternoon’s folly comes too soon.

    Night’s Majestic

    Stars illuminate the silence,

    Bright dots in the skies,

    Under black and blue night sky.

    Under the majestic night skies.


    Isolated in the night.

    Bright light in the horizon,

    Shines brightly in the evening skies.

    Safely guiding into the night.


    Bright colors across the sky,

    Green, red, pink, blue.

    Dancing across the black background,

    Into the night’s moonlight sky.

    Pixie Lights

    Color of lights lay across,

    Like pixies fluttering over,

    Purple, green and blue hues.

    Dance across the evening’s dew.

    Rainbow Odyssey

    Array of colors cascade across the land

    Brightly shining in the morning’s glow.

    Filling with wonder in a morning’s tone.


    The shine across the glaze of the sea.

    Water’s still and calm

    Like a glass shiny and pure

    The sun gazes upon the waters glow.

    Playful Holiday

    Smell of gingerbread.

    Smells of evergreen,

    Shiny ornaments strung,

    Lights brightly lit,

    Left for a kitten’s playful holiday.

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