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  1. I was diagnosed in May of 2008 in severe heart failure and IPAH at stage 4. I was on Flolan for 3 years and a year ago I was able to get off and I currently am using Tyvaso, Adcirca and Letairis as my PH treatments. I also am on 10 liters of oxygen 24/7, and I take other meds, because of PH, like Digoxin, Neurontin, Aldactone, Lasix, Coumadin, K+, Iron, Zofran, and a few others. I take around 45 pills a day….sucks but I am alive and now I am a stage 3 IPAH patient. I go to a PH Clinic in San Francisco, CA at UCSF where a team of doctors specializing in PH take excellent care of me. I just married my bestfriend of 18 years, he is amazing! Together we have 2 awesome kids, a 12 boy and a 9 year old girl. Because of them and our 3 little dogs and 3 green tree frogs, I am extremely happy! Being stress free and happy really helps keep my pressures down. Basically I have been reborn as of May 2008. Of course I am not perfectly able, I still get short of breath doinb physical activities and walking too much or quickly. Otherwise I feel so much better!

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