OUR ANGELS!!!{people we have lost to a condition}

my dad passed away in 2010 from a kidney transpant,he struggled with kidney disease for 10 yrs


 Site info
This site is to help create awareness and educate people about kidney disease and organ donation! I have created kidney awareness jewelery in memory of my dad who recently just lost his battle with kidney disease!

APRIL 30 1940- JUNE 2 2010!!!
My dad was a awesome dad!!!He had kidney disease for 10 yrs and had to go to dialysis 3 times a week!Then one day my dad told my mom if he did get a kidney soon,he would no longer go to dialysis ,as he was getting tired of it!!So then approx a week later he got a phone call,stating some one had been in a car accident and was a possible match,to come to the hospital right away,so he had to make a decision and he decided to have the transplant!For the first time he was happy, couple days after surgury he was doing good,standing and talking,then he realized ,he had made a mistake and he shouldn’t have done the transplant ,then he expressed he couldn’t breathe and they put him in a medicated coma and intabated him(twice)As time when on it was getting worse,i left British Coumbia to go to Toronto,Ont on may 1,2010! When i got there he was really bad(he sat up & i balled like a baby)the nurses had to take me out of ICU,and let me calm down,my dad was hooked up to all sorts of tubes& machines,it was very scary &the hardest thing i have ever had to do,we found out he had been intabated twice,anemonia,6 infections,fluid of the heart,lungs,kidney and they did dialysis to relief the water(fluid),then he started to bleed from the lungs and they were looking at doing surgury to stop the bleeding,they were also going to do a trekeotomy to help him breathe better,finally in the end he got really bad he bled from the heart,lungs,kidneys and intestines!Roughly around May 21-23 i saw my dad for the last time,he gave me a hug,he thanked me for coming and said he loved me and that i meant the world to him,that saturday he crashed and took a turn for the worse!The hospital tried everything they could and then told my mom they would have to pull the plug and sadly he died JUNE 2,2010!R.I.P!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

2 thoughts on “OUR ANGELS!!!{people we have lost to a condition}

  1. To my angel Sarah Bailey she lost her long battle to cf on July 19 2012 .Will continue to fight for a cure as she would still bedoing if she were here

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