2 thoughts on “numbness!

  1. today was a weird day all round,i woke up this morning and felt like i been punched in the face and then like my cheek bone was bruised,on the left side of my face,then,that side of my face when numb,as if i had a tooth pulled,so today i have been talking really funny and can’t really feel anything down the left side of my face,so i went back to sleep for a nap,alot have people have told me,you can have infections(like a urinary track infection,a.k.a. UTI),if you are relapsing but with PPMS,you just keep going(like energizer bunny)!!!Apparently this is part of MS!!!!There are NO MEDS for numbness but sometimes the neurologist may prescribe corticosteriods,often used temporarily to restore sensation!

  2. today, i went to the doctor ,as my legs went stone cold numb and have a tingling sensation in them and have problems walking,and numbness up to my hips,went to the doctors this morning and got a referral for a wheelchair,could been in a wheelchair permenantly!doctor thinks ms is flaring again,and more lesions are happening and i need to go to ms clinic and get some meds

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