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    Posted by: mshuggers on: September 24, 2012

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    Multiple sclerosis(MS)is a chronic,painful disease that attacks central nervous system,which is made up of the brain,spinal cord ,and optic nerves.

    ms is also thought to be a autoimmune disease,from what i have read ,you can live a normal life with ms

    The cause of MS is still unknown,but they do know the myelin sheath-the covering around the nerve fibres in the central nervous system(CNS)-is affected

    the name MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS comes from the process-multiple)many)since it occur in a number of places with in the nervous system and

    SCLEROSIS(SCARS)means the hardened patches of scar tissue that form over the damaged myelin

  2. just to let everyone my blog is a bout ms but i would like EVERYONE to feel welcome and blog about anything!
    Went to family physician to get off my epilepsy meds(which i have had epilepsy for 18 yrs now and been seizure free for 12 yrs),so he send me to a local neurologist,so i went to neurolgist and he did some simple tests and then the neurolgist asked me if i had been drinking,as i was off balance,and i said “no”for 1 its 9 am in the morning,2 i don’t drink,well hesaid”there is something wrong,i expain to him after my work accident i haven’t been the same,i’m constantly in pain with no relief,please help me,i cannot handle the pain any more!!! we will have to send you for a MRI, and they did and after every thing was said and done,they found 33 lesions on my brain!which they tell me not to count cause the lesions are scars and will be there forever and lesions do change!then they sent me to a specialist at the MS CLINIC!!
    this was dec 2011 when i was diagnosed with ms,and in JAN i had a real bad attack where i couldn’t breathe and couldn’t get any air,so because i have epilepsy ,my husband called 911,ambulance came,took me to the hospital,sat there for 10 hrs in extremely bad pain,thought i was having a real bad bronchitis attack,so they gave me gravol and demorol,and sent me home
    and i thought i was going to die!
    i was totally heartbroken when i found out it was MS! i have children(3)and a grandchild,i could not believe i had ms and that this was happening to me,why me?Have i not endored enough medical issues and survived
    ,i was terrified,then in APRIL 2012 i went to a neurologist and they found i had Primary Progressive MS,and their no meds or cure,and i was in alot of pain and nothing was working,i thought now how long am i going to live and whats going to happen to me,would i be in a wheel chair,so i started writing all these questions down on paper,and trying to find a answer,as the doctors would say its all up to me now,and how i was going to handle it,well the thing that frightened me the most,was not knowing what was happening
    then i started getting active and telling myself ,its just another medical hurdle ,as i have gone through alot in my life and i was here for a reason,so i turned to the MS SOCIETY and they set my mind at ease,let me know MS is NOT a death sentence!people who have ms can have a healthy life such as MONTEL WILLIAMS!so my goal now is not to let it take control of my life and think positive and get active,as i try to go to the gym and go to yoga,which helps me relief stress,but what i found works for me ,may not work for another with MS!!!this is why i created a blog ,so we can all help each other!
    i have had 3 MRI’s and they want spinal taps and my answer is “no thanks”cuz i don’t believe if you poke me like a pin cushion,thats going to cure MS,i also don’t needles that i can’t see,i’m scare i could be paralyzed from the spinal tap ,as i move round alot,but in the end it is my decision,and only mine!
    plus i have been on the steriods for 3 days(round christmas) as well,and that made me nervous ,as i didn’t know what to expected and i had to take one of my kids with me ,as i sweat alot when i get needles!very nervous and they want to give me a spinal tap”NOT”!
    they would like me to be in a study and im not willing to do that because of other medical reasons!but the ultimate decision is mine and only mine,and i would hope people would respect my decision!!!!
    well thats my story !!!HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

  3. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with MS. Here is my story:
    I work in a office setting and for long time whenever I walked a great distance my legs felt like I just ran a marathon, or from my waist down I couldn’t feel my legs. I went like this for almost 6 months before I said anything because I didn’t know what my doctor would think. I confided in a good friend and with her help I went to my doctor after month of testing including a blood test I was told I had MS. It was the most worse news I could’ve recieved. I at first ignore my doctor thought he was nuts, I went for a second opinion and was told the same. I had a real hard time with the diagnoses of the MS, but after I started researching and talking and finding blogs like this one. I realized I wasn’t alone in my battle, and together each of us with our voices can have power over this diease. I won’t stop fighting and I won’t stop talking. Thanks Annemarie together with our voices we can make change happen.

    • your so welcome,christy,i want to share my experience with everyone i know and be a advocate for MS!as i somedays still have difficulty with the MS,but for me knowing that i’m not fighting this battle,sort of helps and their are alot of resources out the to help everyone of us with a disability!i would like my voice to be heard and i will fight this,its not going to change me in any way,just another obstacle to go through,and i’m finding positive thinking,is helping along with yoga and the gym and some meditation!plz come and voiice your opinions and let your voice be heard!!

  4. RELAPSING-REMITTING MS(RRMS)_characterized by clearly attacks(relapses) followed by complete or partial recovery(remissions),most common form

    SECONDARY – PROGRESSIVE MS(SPMS)-half of people with rrms ,start to worsen within 10-20 yrs of diagnosis the rate of disability progress’s varies from person to person,generally few relapses in this phase,sometimes occasional relapses and minor rimissions

    PRIMARY PROGRESSIVE MS(PPMS)-less common,people with this type of MS have continous worsening of symptoms,from the beginning and usually without relapses or remissions

    PROGRESSIVE RELAPSING MS(PRMS)-relatively rare,combines relapseswith steady worsening

  5. Relapses are often treated with steroid type drugs called predisone or intreveinious methylprednisolone to reduce severity of an attack of MS,the steroids(also called corticsteroids)also reduces inflammation in the CNS during a MS relapse steroids should not be used over long periods of time!

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