Fatigue associated with MS is different then”normal” tiredness,people with MS feel a overwhelming sense of exhaustion and lack of energy,descriptions that are often used are-exhaustion,sleepiness,weakness,tiredness,however the simple daily tasks are almost impossible at times!there are medications that help with fatigue,i find exercise helps to a degree,but they say if you consume alcohol,smoke,or consume alot of caffiene,that can affect your level of fatigue,such as sleeping and increase arousal and activaty!

When i have no energy or i’m very tired i feel like i could sleep,and sleep for days and i do sleep sometimes up to 18 hrs,i find the fatigue is alot harder to cope with on a daily basis!i’m trying to find other ways to stay awake and then if i have a drink,and its after 9pm then i’m up all nite!i feel like i can’t win ,so i stopped fluids after a certain time


3 thoughts on “FATIGUE

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  2. Thats is good to know! I slept 17 hours last night and still had to make myself get up. But, if its past 7 pm and i have a couple of drinks, I’m WIDE awake!

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