One thought on “epilepsy

  1. i have had epilepsy for 18 yrs and have been seizure free for 12 yrs now,when it first started,i didn’t know why this was happening ,i had recently given birth to my daughter(who’s 19 now),i remember looking up and that was it,lights out,apparently i hit a 3 shelves,concrete,stood back up and repeat that again,i also bit half my tongue,came to and was in hospital!anyways as yr went on i had a couple more seizures,and as my kids grew up i taught them to roll me over on my side keep me comfy,and scream,before a seizure my trigger was burnt toast or fish!
    plz contact me if you need a friend or support,as i know how scary epilepsy is!plz add me as i would like to help you in anyway i can,know that your not alone in this battle!


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