There is no one definitive diagnostic test for MS!The scattered symptoms you may feel may have easily resembled other conditions,as a result other diseases and conditions have to be ruled out!Ms is diagnosed only after signs and symptoms in at least two separate areas are  found in the CNS(central nervous system)

To diagnose MS,the doctor(neurologist,will take a detailed medical history and a examination,the doctor does tests(like reflux,sensations,eye movement,and co-ordination!

Depending what is found,they may order more tests such as a MRI,LUMBAR PUNCTURE(SPINAL TAP),Evoked potentials(EP)

Many people find the diagnosis,very difficult,should you be diagnosed with MS,you may have many different feeling such as anger,shock,anxiety.sadness or a combination or all of these emotions,the way you feel is ok,it is normal and it is you and maybe this is how your dealing with a life altering diagnosis of a chronic illness,talking to someone about it ,such as MS society,they are wonderful,pychiatrist,family,friends,anyone <it really helps and there is nothing wrong in seeking help!


3 thoughts on “diagnosis!!!

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    • and you have the ultimate decision and its up to you ,what you want to do,if the doctor suggests any therapies(injection meds)or medication,or even studies,its your choice in the end!but for people with PPMS,there is “NO MEDS”as of yet!

      • Pamela Curtis Oct 4, 4:08 am

        I am very glad to be joining Annemarie Harrison on this blog. I, Pamela Curtis was diagnosed with MS after suddenly going blind in my right eye. That was caused by Optic Neuritis. I chose Betaseron to fight off the MS and have been on that since 2001. My sight in my right eye did return to 95 % with color ability after 6 months.

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