2 thoughts on “cf’ers

  1. Good morning everyone . HI hope that you all are having a great week and getting ready for yet another wonderful weekend as well … I wanted to share with you all that we have been working on a law called Davids law for patients with cystic fibrosis all over the USA and right now we are close to 10,000 supporters from all over the USA right now there is no support that does not have at least 14 supporters this is wonderful news… We have been talking with many law makers this past year many of them saying that they had no idea that this was happening in public schools and are saying that they are going to help us and this is great news . Last night I spoke with a law maker from DC and from CA as well please if this effects you or does not please do take time to come out and support the hopeful law many kids with cf have to go through this on a daily basis no parent should ever have to stop working because they have no school nurse to take care of there cf patient this some times means much less money at home to take care of the cf patient so please take time to look at the hope ful law as well as share with everyone you know we are also looking for volunteers to help us get this compete if you would like to help please email me at or 612-282-1211 you can call 24 hr a day no cf child should have to go through a unfair school day lets make this change happen please check out the web site at

    Please note I am here to be your friend as well and would like to help any of you in any way in my eyes you all are my brother s or my sisters because we have to fight cf as one not alone youll never win if you want to be friends on facebook please add me and ill yes to the add

    your brother always
    David (cfkid)

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