I have created a new blog,as a way to advocate for myself and others,as i am new to MS and learning about MS,each and everyday!i know everyone’s journey with MS is different and difficult at times !

I don’t claim to be perfect and know everything about ms,and that is why i am asking people to come check my blog out and help me get  the word out about MS and make my blog a place to come have a bit of fun,as well as topics you would be interested in !

I have also created a program called FAB(finding a buddy)as we all need a friend from time to time,and it would be cool to have friends to talk to with same condition via net!i have been asked by people with other conditions such as epilepsy,crohn’s,ph,cf, if they could join FAB and i have personally  invited them to join,as we all need a friend!

Please take your time through my blog as there is alot to do,you can add a reipe,add a business,add a poem or book about your condition,remember a loved one,share your story with us or just simply blog!!!

please remember we love each and everyone of you,no matter what the illness!!!

i would personally like to thank everyone for their input!!!


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